Thursday, April 3, 2008

Exciting jobs in Trieste, Italy

The Cognitive Neuroscience Sector at SISSA seeks to recruit independent group leaders.

The 3-year Plan approved by SISSA last Fall includes strengthening cognitive neuroscience research and identifies as priorities:
- Behavioural Neuroscience, investigated through electrophysiology in awake animals
- Cognitive Development and/or Learning
- Functional Imaging, in connection with the new fMRI-sharing agreement in Udine
- Language and/or Higher Cognitive Function

The Sector aims to identify up to 3 suitable candidates already this Spring, although the appointments and so the establishment of new research groups may be scattered over the period 2008-10. The Sector is particularly interested in reaching candidates with no previous history of collaboration with SISSA. If selected, they will be offered positions at a level commensurate with their qualifications, in the expectation that within 5 years they will succeed in obtaining tenure as Associate or Full Professors. Candidates with whose work SISSA is familiar may be offered ad hoc arrangements if selected, but they will first be assessed together with the others.

SISSA is one of the three purely postgraduate and postdoctoral institutions within the Italian university system. It operates in English and the Sector is keen to enhance its international character and its intellectual diversity. The Sector currently has 23 PhD students supported on SISSA fellowships, almost half of whom are not Italians. Postdocs, however, are normally supported by individual research funding. Faculty members are required to teach limited PhD mini-courses, and to individually supervise the research of students in their groups. Current faculty members are Mathew Diamond, Jacques Mehler, Raffaella Rumiati, Tim Shallice and Alessandro Treves, with visiting professors Evan Balaban, Luca Bonatti and Marina Nespor. Further information about the Sector can be found on the webpage

Those interested should write to Alessandro Treves,, before April 30th, 2008, attaching their curriculum vitae. Receipt of CVs will be acknowledged weekly.

Info sent by Prof. Raffaella Rumiati

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