Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Semantics and Brain course - reading set #4

Readings for this week focus on understanding the nature of the semantic deficit in semantic dementia, starting with Elizabeth Warrington's original 1975 description. Should be an interesting set. I have more than this, but thought 7 papers was enough for a week's worth of reading. They are listed in chronological order, so subsequent readings (for next week) will be more recent. As always, please let me know of any critical omissions.

Warrington EK.
Q J Exp Psychol. 1975 Nov;27(4):635-57.
The selective impairment of semantic memory.

Hodges JR, Bozeat S, Lambon Ralph MA, Patterson K, Spatt J.
The role of conceptual knowledge in object use evidence from semantic dementia.
Brain. 2000 Sep;123 ( Pt 9):1913-25.

Bozeat S, Lambon Ralph MA, Patterson K, Garrard P, Hodges JR.
Non-verbal semantic impairment in semantic dementia.
Neuropsychologia. 2000;38(9):1207-15.

Lambon Ralph MA, McClelland JL, Patterson K, Galton CJ, Hodges JR.
No right to speak? The relationship between object naming and semantic impairment: neuropsychological evidence and a computational model.
J Cogn Neurosci. 2001 Apr 1;13(3):341-56.

Passmore MJ, Ingles JL, Fisk JD, Darvesh S.
Disconnection of language and memory in semantic dementia: a comparative and theoretical analysis.
Curr Alzheimer Res. 2005 Oct;2(4):435-48. Review.

Patterson K, Lambon Ralph MA, Jefferies E, Woollams A, Jones R, Hodges JR,
Rogers TT.
"Presemantic" cognition in semantic dementia: six deficits in search of an explanation.
J Cogn Neurosci. 2006 Feb;18(2):169-83.

Benedet M, Patterson K, Gomez-Pastor I, Luisa Garcia de la Rocha M.
'Non-semantic' aspects of language in semantic dementia: as normal as they're said to be?
Neurocase. 2006 Feb;12(1):15-26.

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