Sunday, March 13, 2011

Postdoctoral Position in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Speech - U of Iowa

The Dept. of Neurosurgery and the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Iowa have an opening for one post-doctoral trainee beginning after June 1, 2011 working on the cognitive neuroscience of speech perception. The appointment will be for up to three years. We encourage applicants with doctoral degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science, as well as linguistics and computer science and related fields. The applicant will be jointly mentored by Dr. Bob McMurray of the Dept. of Psychology and Dr. Hiroyuki Oya of the Dept. of Neurosurgery and will spearhead a collaborative research project using intracranial recording on awake, behaving humans to test theoretical models of the sensory processes involved in speech perception. The trainee will also have opportunities to pursue research on speech perception using ERP, fMRI and/or eye-tracking. The ideal applicant will have a background in theoretical models of speech perception, comfort using sophisticated computational techniques for data analysis and/or modeling, and a background in neuroscience. Applicant must be highly motivated and should have skills in topics relevant to this field, skills like statistical modeling of high-dimensional data, time series analysis, knowledge about psycho- and physical acoustics, computational modeling, and electrophysiological recording. However, strong applicants from other backgrounds are also encouraged to apply. The applicant will be embedded in a rich community studying language and speech perception at multiple levels, with multiple scholars in Psychology, Neurosurgery and Communication Sciences and Disorders. Please send a statement of interest, a CV, and three letters of reference to Applications will be considered immediately and will be reviewed until the position is filled.

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