Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where's Irvine?

When I give talks outside of Southern California I find that very few people know where Irvine is, beyond the notion that it is "somewhere in California." This is unfortunate for us here at UCI because not knowing where we are, probably affects the likelihood that students and job seekers will think of Irvine as a place to go for graduate training or work. So, for future reference, here is some geographical information on UC Irvine.

We are located along the Southern California coast, in Orange County (The OC -- that's right, we're UCOC). We are between LA, 45 miles to the north, and San Diego, 75 miles to the south.

The UC Irvine campus (outlined in the image below) is located a couple of miles from the coast, near Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

Here's a couple of photos of our local beach communities.

Laguna Beach:

Newport Beach:

Here is a picture of Aldrich Park, at the center of the UC Irvine campus:

And finally, a photo of our building on campus:

Ok, so now you know.

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