Sunday, March 30, 2008

Post-doc opportunity at UMD: cortical plasticity/visual system

If you have friends doing vision research that are looking for a post-doc, alert them to this:

Postdoctoral position to investigate human cortical plasticity, principally utilizing MEG to participate in the development of therapeutic treatments for human amblyopia. A Ph.D. in neuroscience or related discipline is required, experience in non-invasive imaging (MEG, fMRI, EEG) is desired. Please send CV, a summary of research experience, and contact information for three references.

Elizabeth M. Quinlan, Ph.D. OR David Poeppel, Ph.D.
Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences Program
Department of Biology
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 21403

Here are two recent publications from Betsy Quinlan's lab that illustrate some of the relevant phenomena:

He HY, Hodos W, Quinlan EM. (2006) Visual deprivation reactivates rapid ocular dominance plasticity in adult visual cortex. J Neurosci. 26:2951-5.

He HY, Ray B, Dennis K, Quinlan EM.(2007) Experience-dependent recovery of vision following chronic deprivation amblyopia. Nat Neurosci. 10(9):1134-6.

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