Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Talking Brains Live -- UK Mini Tour

For those of you in the Cardiff or London areas who might want to grill me in person, here's your chance. I'll be giving talks at Cardiff University (Psychology) and University College London (FIL) on Thursday, Feb. 21 and 22 respectively. Thanks to London-based "Jerry" for coming up with the tongue-in-cheek, "TB Live" title for the visit. So if my laptop crashes, or the projector fails on me, maybe we could call it "Talking Brains Unplugged"? :-) It should be a really fun visit at both locales. I'm looking forward to it!

Comments on our semantics and brain readings still forthcoming... Will work on a few blog entries during the flight -- after I get my talk done, that is. ;-)

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