Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UC Irvine Workshop on the Evolution of Psychological Categories

Some interesting talks if you happen to be in the area. Follow the link below for more information.

Title: "The Evolution of Psychological Categories"
Event Dates: 3/14/2008 - 3/16/2008
Location: SSPA 2112 Luce Conference Room
AGENDA link:

Description: How do individuals learn language and semantic systems? What features of language categories are shared by communicating individuals? How do language and meaning evolve over time in human and artificial individuals, and in groups? These are some of the questions that this IMBS workshop will address through presentations and discussion on topics of learning; language evolution; semantic cognition; and how individuals and groups construe meaning. The meeting will be multidisciplinary, bringing together experts from the diverse areas of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Mathematical Behavioral Science, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Computer Science & Statistics, Evolutionary Dynamics, and Mathematics. During this meeting we will focus on the formalization of these listed topics, using approaches from neural and artificial systems modeling, Bayesian modeling, computational and statistical psychology, mathematics and evolutionary game theory. Expect the presentations to range from the empirical to the theoretical and mathematical.

Featured presenters include:
Paul Kay, Linguistics, UCB
Terry Regier, Psychology, University of Chicago
Greg Ashby, Psychology, UCSB
Tom Griffiths, Pyschology, UCB
Partha Niyogi, Computer Science, University of Chicago
Luc Steels, SONY, Paris
Jay McClelland, Psychology, Stanford
Kimberly Jameson, Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UCI
Natalia Komarova, Mathematics, UCI
Michael Lee, Psychology, UCI
Andrea Baronchelli, Universitat Polithcnica de Catalunya
Vittorio Loreto, Universita di Roma
Lisa Pearl, Cognitive Sciences, UCI
Rory Smead, Logic and Philosophy of Science, UCI

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