Friday, July 20, 2007

Talking Brains is getting noticed

We launched Talking Brains in May, and to our great surprise, it's actually getting a few hits -- about 500 a month actually. Of course 480 of those hits are me and David checking out each other's posts. :-) Actually that's not true, our own visits are not included in the count, and if you check out the "activation" map below (a map of the last 100 visits), not all of them are from Irvine and College Park. In fact, we are activating the northeast and midwest United States quite well, with some additional hot spots on the US west coast, in central Europe, and even some sparse regions in Japan, South America, Africa, and Australia (but these probably wouldn't survive a cluster threshold). I see that Polynesia is not strongly represented, so I'll probably have to go down there myself and see what's up. ;-) Also of note is that the blog is getting picked up by online news organizations. Just today, I came across a news report on discussing David's "Syllables Paper." They site the Talking Brains blog along side AAAS as their sources. Geez, we're going to have to careful about what we say!

Remember: we're more than happy to promote YOUR recent work. Just email either of us with your latest cool result or field-rocking theoretical insight and we'll post it as a "From the Lab of..." entry.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff.
Just discovered Talking Brains and mentioned it on my blog (, hoping to contribute some readership.
Looking forward to future posts.
Best wishes from Berlin,