Monday, January 7, 2013

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience at Georgetown University

The Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery and the laboratory of Professor Elissa Newport, director, are seeking a postdoctoral fellow capable of taking a leadership role in a new line of research focused on language, cognitive, and motor development after perinatal stroke, as compared with recovery of the same functions in adults after stroke to similar cortical areas.  The research involves longitudinal research, observing and testing infants and young children who have suffered a perinatal stroke to the left or right hemisphere; and cross-sectional research, observing and testing older children and young adults who have grown up after the same type of stroke, or adults who have experienced a comparable stroke during adulthood.  Our aim is understand how reorganization of cortical functions occurs after stroke early versus late in life.  The research will involve both behavioral and fMRI tasks, with a particular focus on fMRI and DTI analyses in both children and adults.  Our research team includes developmental cognitive scientists and cognitive neuroscientists, adult and pediatric stroke neurologists, and experts in fMRI with children and adults.  Candidates with experience in both language/cognitive development and fMRI research are preferred.  The research will take place at Georgetown University Medical Center, Children’s National Medical Center, and the National Rehabilitation Hospital, all in Washington DC and all affiliated within the Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery.  Start date is anytime from January through July 2013, whenever a top candidate is identified.

Interested applicants should submit a CV and statement of research interests and background, and request 3 letters of recommendation, sent to Professor Elissa L. Newport, Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, Georgetown University, at

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