Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post-doc CNRS- Marseille, France

Applications are invited for a post-doc position funded by an ERC Starting Grant
(European Research Council; PI: F.-Xavier Alario).

The 5-year project LIPS examines the cognitive and neural mechanisms
involved in lexical information processing, combining theoretical cognitive
psychology with chronometric measures of performance and neurophysiological
recordings (EEG, MEG and intra-cranial EEG in epileptic populations).

The ideal candidates are highly motivated and creative individuals, capable
of working independently and in groups. Previous experience with language
processing research is welcome, but not a requirement. The working language
is English. Individuals of all nationalities are encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral position (2 to 4 years) in neurophysiological research.
The person will be responsible for conceiving and designing neurophysiological
studies (EEG, MEG and/or sEEG), conducting data analysis and leading the
write-up of scientific work. The person will have access to the imaging facilities
on site or at the nearby Timone Hospital, and to the clinical expertise of the col-
laborating research group lead by Catherine LiƩgeois-Chauvel (details below).
REQUIREMENTS: well established expertise with one or more of these tech-
niques and analysis methods, a solid background in cognitive neurophysiology,
published articles in international scientific journals, excellent oral and written
English skills. HELPFUL: knowledge of processing models for language or other
higher cognitive functions, R/Matlab programming.

The positions is expected to start on Sept. 1st 2011 (negotiable). Salaries are
commensurate with experience and include benefits and health insurance.
The host institution (CNRS) is the largest fundamental research organization
in Europe, covering research in all fields of knowledge. The research will take
place at the "Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive" (Marseille, France) which is
embedded in a rich neuroscientific environment, with active collaborations, both
national and international. The LPC owns several high resolution EEG systems, has ac-
cess to an MEG machine, and to a 3T fMRI scanner devoted to research only.
The partner department is the INSERM research unit Epilepsy & Cognition at
Timone Hospital, a leading laboratory in clinical and research approaches.

Inquiries can be addressed to
To apply, please send a full CV, in electronic format.


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