Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NLC 2011 - Abstract submission deadline extended and other news

Due to some problems people have had with the abstract submission system, we have decided to extend the NLC abstract submission deadline to *June 25th*. Spread the word!

The debate throwdown and keynote speakers have been set! (titles tentative)

Debate #1: Bilateral or left dominant? Anterior or Posterior? What is the cortical organization of speech perception?
David Poeppel (NYU) vs. Sophie Scott (UCL)

Debate #2: Are conceptual systems "embodied" in motor and sensory system?
Alfonso Caramazza (Harvard) vs. Friedemann Pulvermuller (MRC Cambridge)

Keynote #1: The primary auditory system
Troy Hackett, Vanderbilt University

Keynote #2: The structure and function of Broca's area
Katrin Amunts, RWTH Aachen University and Institute of Medicine, Research Center Juelich

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