Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lab Research Assistant position at UCSF Speech Neuroscience Lab

UCSF is a world-class research institution with a wide array of scanner facilities that includes MRI (both 3T and 7T systems) as well as a 275-channel whole-head MEG/EEG scanner. There is also an active program of research using intracranial ECoG recordings from epilepsy patients. Here at the Speech Neuroscience Lab, we make use of these technologies to investigate the neural basis of speech motor control. The research focus of the lab is investigating the neural basis of feedback processing in speech production, but other ongoing projects in the lab include studies of sequential speech production, as wells as studies of speech motor disorders like spasmodic dysphonia and stuttering.
We are looking for a research assistant to join our research group for a 1-2 year stint, with possibility of extension. Our ideal candidate is a recently graduated undergraduate engineering student who is interested in running human imaging and psychophysics experiments and also has reasonable programming skills in MATLAB.
Start date for the position would be as soon as possible
Those interested in applying should contact Prof. John F. Houde (

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