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Faculty position at NYU-AD: cognition/perception/cogneuro

Dear colleagues,

New York University is in the process of hiring tenure-track faculty for the Psychology program at its new campus in Abu Dhabi. The current search is for candidates with a strong program of research in the areas of cognition and/or perception, including cognitive neuroscience approaches.

NYUAD is committed to building top-tier research-focused programs in psychology and neuroscience. The present campus includes state-of-the art facilities for behavioral and neuroimaging research, and this facilities will continue to expand. In addition to being part of the growing academic community in Abu Dhabi, faculty will maintain close connections with colleagues in NYC, with opportunities to spend significant portions of time at the New York City campus – in all, a unique opportunity.

Please see the attached job ad for more details. You can also forward any inquiries to or to the search committee chair, David Amodio, at

Of interest to cognitive neuroscience of language types:

One of the research directions at NYU AD will be language-related research. A start-up grant was give to build a research center, housing MEG, EEG, and eye tracking.

The Neuroscience of Language Laboratory will explore how the ability to use natural language is implemented in the brain. While most of the existing research in this area is based on English language study, the laboratory’s location in Abu Dhabi will provide researchers with access to speakers of Arabic and many other languages, including Hindi, Bengali, and Tagolog. Professor Ali Idrissi, chair of the linguistics department at United Arab Emirates University, will serve as the lab’s senior research associate.

Principal Investigators: Alec Marantz, Professor of Linguistics and Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Science, NYU; Liina Pylkkänen, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Science, NYU and David Poeppel, Professor of Psychology and Neural Science, Faculty of Arts and Science, NYU.


FACULTY POSITIONS Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognition, and Perception

NYU Abu Dhabi

New York University has established a campus in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and invites applications for faculty positions at any level (assistant, associate or full professor). We are seeking candidates with a strong program of research in cognition and/or perception, including cognitive neuroscience approaches, who are also committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring.
The terms of employment are competitive compared to U.S. benchmarks and include housing and educational subsidies for children. Faculty may spend time at NYU in New York and at its other global campuses. The appointment may start as soon as September 1, 2011, or could be delayed until as late as September 1, 2012.

NYU Abu Dhabi is in the process of recruiting faculty of international distinction committed to active research and the finest teaching in order to build a pioneering global institution of the highest quality and forge an international community of scholars and students.

Alongside its highly-selective liberal arts college, NYU Abu Dhabi will create distinctive graduate programs and a world-class institute for advanced research that fosters creative work across the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Engineering. Situated at a new global crossroads, NYU Abu Dhabi has the resources and resolve to become a preeminent center of collaborative intellectual pursuit and impact.

NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi are integrally connected. The faculties work together, and the campuses form the foundation of a unique global network university, linked to NYU’s other study and research sites on five continents.

Major research projects and public programs are underway. We have recruited our first cohort of faculty across many disciplines and the first class of students of remarkable potential from across the world arrived in fall 2010. The international character of NYUAD is reflected in the global composition of the faculty and the student body as well as the research agenda and curriculum, which have been designed to promote inventiveness, intellectual curiosity, multidisciplinary interest, and intercultural understanding.

The review of applications will begin on December 1, 2010. Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae, statement of research and teaching interests, representative publications and three letters of reference in PDF form to be considered. Please visit our website at for instructions and other information on how to apply. If you have any questions, please e-mail Abu Dhabi is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


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