Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Postdoc at NYU Abu Dhabi Neuroscience of Language Lab

A 4-year, potentially renewable post-doctoral position in the cognitive neuroscience of language is available for the NYU Abu Dhabi Neuroscience of Language Laboratory starting in summer 2011. The researcher will be working in the NYU Neuroscience of Language Lab under the direction of Dr. Alec Marantz, Dr. Liina Pylkkanen, and Dr. David Poeppel. The researcher will have had experience with evoked response experiments using either MEG or EEG, but preferably both. The main responsibility will be to explore appropriate ways to utilize participant populations of varied linguistic and educational backgrounds to address questions about linguistic universals and language specific effects. Working with Arabic and East Asian speakers requires nuanced understanding of the linguistic situation on the ground as well as a search for necessary corpus resources and area experts on the languages and language-particular psycholinguistics. A researcher with cross-linguistic experimental experience would be ideal for the job, and someone from either the Gulf area or India would be especially suited for this project.

To apply, please send a copy of your CV and a brief statement of research interests and goals to linguistics.neurolab@nyu.edu.

For more information about the NYU Neuroscience of Language Lab, please see

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