Friday, December 18, 2009

During the holidays, don't forget to submit your papers -- to LCP Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

¿Tired of the same old journals? Nature ... Science ... Neuron ... PLoS ...
¿Tired of Reviewer #3 ruining your holiday vibe (see recent video of reviewer #3's impact ...)?
¿Ready for a new journal to consider your new stuff?

I've announced this before, but I'm not sure people are sufficiently aware: the journal Language and Cognitive Processes now has a regular issues devoted to Cognitive Neuroscience of Language. LCP-CNL is edited by Lolly Tyler and David Poeppel. The first issue was recently published, more papers are in the pipeline.

Please consider sending your work to the journal. We promise to soften reviewer #3's blow. (And analyses appreciating the utility of d-prime will get an extra-fast turnaround. That, after all, was one of the major outcomes of the Neurobiology of Language conference in Chicago.) And at the very least, there now exists another good publication outlet for papers that are theoretically well-motivated, computationally explicit, and neurobiologically sensible.

Don't be shy! Submit early. Submit often.

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