Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neurobiology of Language Conference 2009 -- A.K.A., Throwdown in Chicago

The organizers of the first Neurobiology of Language Conference (NLC) have included two "panel discussions" that focus on current debates in the neuroscience of language. I was in Steve Small's lab in Chicago when these sessions were being planned and I can tell you that "throwdown sessions" was closer to the intent than panel discussions :-). Anyway, the sessions pit two vocal scientists on either side of a debate in the field; each gets a few minutes to make their case and then the floor is open for "discussion".

Throwdown #1: The Battle for Broca’s Area (see I told you throwdown is a better word!)
In one corner Yosef Grodzinsky, in the other corner Peter Hagoort

Throwdown #2: Motor Contribution to Speech Perception
In one corner Luciano Fadiga, in the other corner Greg Hickok

The contestants all have a history of public debate on these topics in the form of published commentaries and responses on each other's work. Should be interesting.


Bill Idsardi said...

Are you offering odds on either contest?

Tony Barnhart said...

Can't wait. (I've got my money on you over Fadiga, by the way.)