Friday, May 15, 2009

Another year of Talking Brains

May 16th marks the second anniversary of Talking Brains. We've gotten a decent amount of positive feedback which we very much appreciate, the online comments to some of our posts have been instructive, and our hit count continues to grow, doubling our monthly average in the last year.

So in general I'm pretty pleased with this little experiment. Again I would like to emphasize that we really want this blog to be a language science community forum and resource, and NOT just a place where David and I get speak our minds. This last year has seen a lot more interaction/commentary and that is a very positive development. Thank you very much to all the folks who have contributed! We hope in the next year to increase the contributions from the research community in a number of ways including more comments/discussion, sending us summaries of your recent pubs to post as guest entries (even an abstract and a figure would be great!), maybe more "interviews", and the less exciting but very useful job listings and conference announcements.

If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the blog please let us know!


Brandon C. Loudermilk said...

Greg and David - thanks for all your work and dedication to this site. It's a great resource that keeps me informed on issues that might have otherwise flown under my radar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg and David,

Happy birthday to Talking Brains!

Your blog helps me a lot to better delineate my thoughts on speech. And i am sure that Talking Brains is of great help for the language science community!

Many thanks to you both!