Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seeking research assistant/lab manager for Poeppel Lab at NYU

I have moved to the psychology department at NYU, and I am looking for a person to do … well, everything. Basically, I need someone who runs me. I think that working in my lab is (or can be…) pretty fun and interesting, but I am a horrible boss, mainly because I am bad at delegating. (I don't think that I am a bad boss because I am an ogre or inflexible or weird. Just bad at delegating. Really.) My last two RAs, with whom I am certainly still good friends, both ended up in different careers – one worked for me for five years and then went to medical school in New York, the next one worked for me for three years and then went to acting school at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard. So it is not a total show-stopper to work in my lab …

Please forward the message/ad to anyone you know who might be interested in applying for the position.


David Poeppel's lab in the psychology department at NYU is currently hiring a lab manager/lab coordinator/research assistant who will help organize various aspects of research. The lab is focused on auditory cognition, speech perception, and language comprehension (Center for Language, Speech, and Hearing – ClaSH@NYU). The position -- at the main NYU campus at Washington Square in Greenwich Village in New York -- entails a wide variety of responsibilities, from the banal to the beautiful: running subjects (MEG, fMRI, EEG, psychophysics), helping with data analysis, participant recruitment, scheduling, handling all work related to IRB submissions/reviews, public relations, ordering and maintaining equipment, assistance with grants preparation and management, telling the PI and the post-docs and students what to do next, and so on.

Qualifications. Applicants must be computer literate and have (at least) a bachelor's degree in psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, biology, engineering, computer science, or some related discipline. Matlab competence would be an asset, as would be the willingness to learn and try new quantitative techniques. Most importantly, the job requires being excited about cognitive neuroscience research -- and particularly language, speech, and hearing research -- having excellent communication skills, having both tolerance and a robust sense of humor, and generally being street smart and quick and flexible.

Editorially inclined candidates have an additional opportunity: as of now, David Poeppel is editing the cognitive neuroscience of language section of the journal Language and Cognitive Processes. There is additional funding available to support the person helping with the editorial work, which requires all aspects of work related to evaluating and publishing scientific manuscripts, including communicating with authors and reviewers.

The position is available immediately. Interested candidates should send (i) a letter outlining their background and interests, (ii) their resume/CV, and (iii) the names and contact information for three references to david.poeppel@nyu.edu. Questions about the position are welcome.

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Poeppel Lab at NYU said...

Thanks all for your interest -- This position has been filled, and no other positions are available at this time.