Saturday, October 25, 2008

A new place for YOU to publish: LCP-CogNeuro

Dear Talking Brains readers,

as of right now, there is a new place to send your papers if they are cognitive neuroscience of language papers. Please see the announcement below -- and then send me your best work.

Lorraine (Lolly) Tyler remains the Editor of LCP. I will be the editor for cognitive neuroscience of language.

There are not that many outlets for theoretically motivated and biologically serious research on speech/language, so please take advantage of this opportunity to publish your best work.


Language and Cognitive Processes -- New Special Section Announcement!

In 2009 LCP will broaden its remit by publishing two additional issues a year devoted to the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language. The development of cognitive neuroscience methodologies has significantly broadened the empirical scope of experimental language studies. Both hemodynamic imaging and electrophysiological approaches provide new perspectives on the representation and processing of language, and add important constraints on the development of theoretical accounts of language function.

In light of the strong interest in and growing influence of these new tools LCP will publish two issues a year on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language. All types of articles will be considered, including reviews, whose submission is encouraged. Submissions should exemplify the subject in its most straightforward sense: linking good cognitive science and good neuroscience to answer key questions about the nature of language and cognition.

Manuscripts should be submitted through the journal's Scholar One website: When submitting, please select "Cognitive Neuroscience of Language" from the manuscript type drop down.

Peer Review Integrity
All published research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by independent expert referees.


Greg Hickok said...

LCP is a good journal. I'm sure the neuroscience section will be highly relevant, and must-read material.

Anonymous said...

Great news!

I agree that LCP is a good journal, but it's difficult to convince others of it as its Impact factor is below 1.5. Any thoughts on why it's so low?

David Poeppel said...

LCP is and has always been a journal with lots of 'gravitas.' It permits long, theoretically rich papers. You can actually make your case there, without having to do it in 3000 words.

Nina Kazanina, for example, had a lovely recent article on morphological decomposition effects in Russian -- nice work Nina!!

The wretched impact factor ... Well, start submitting your best and slightly *shorter*, punchy, cog neuro work to LCP and as soon as it gets cited, the impact factor will go up. I'm sure the publisher would like to see that number go up, and I suspect that a regular presence in cognitive neuroscience figures into their calculations of a rising impact factor.

So -- send your stuff, and Lolly and I will try to turn it around quickly, so that it can get read and cited quickly!