Saturday, June 28, 2008

Headaches? Problems with Mirror Neurons??

No worries! You can stimulate yourself using a new hand-held device. No, we are not turning into a different kind of blog ... It's still rated G. (Or maybe PG).

Courtesy of Bill Idsardi of Talking Brains East, here the info, regarding TMS devices that might be a nice holiday gift:

"The device, about the size of a hair dryer, is put up against the back of the head, and users push a button to administer the magnetic pulse. The study showed it eliminated the headache within two hours for 39 percent of participants; 22 percent in the placebo group reported no pain two hours later. Study participants used the device twice per migraine episode within an hour of experiencing an aura. Up to three migraines were treated per patient over a three-month period."

Can you imagine how crappy you must feel to combat migraine with TMS, such a gentle and mellow technique? Sounds dreadful to me -- and I get migraines regularly. I'd rather eat lint then undergo TMS during a migraine.

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