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FUNDED POSTDOCTORAL CANDIDATE POSITION –BRAIN RHYTHMS AND COGNITION GROUP at the BCBL- Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language (San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain)

FUNDED POSTDOCTORAL CANDIDATE POSITION –BRAIN RHYTHMS AND COGNITION GROUP at the BCBL- Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language (San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain)

  • Position: Post-doc
  • Researcher Profile: R2, Recognised Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent) / R3, Established Researcher (Researchers who have developed a level of independence)
  • Number of vacancies: 1
  • Project: Neurospeech
  • Location:  Spain > San Sebastian
  • Research Field: Neuroscience > Cognition and Language
  • Type of contract/Duration of Contract : Temporary >  until November 30th 2025
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours per week: 35
  • Starting date: As early as possible
  • Application deadline: January 31st

Information about the project: The project is based on a collaboration between teams in Spain (BCBL) and the U.S. (University of Connecticut and Oregon State University) to yield new theoretical insight into the cognitive, neural, and computational bases of mono- and multilingual language representation and processing. The aims are the following:

1. Adapt a cutting-edge neural network model of human speech recognition to multiple languages to develop concrete predictions about cross-language interaction during mono- vs multilingual language processing in single and multi-language contexts.

2. Use speech-tracking analysis of MEG and neural network responses to single words to assess cross-language interaction during mono- vs. multilingual processing in single and multi-language contexts.

3. Determine impact of continuous speech context on cross-language interaction in MEG (and neural network) responses during mono- and multilingual processing in single and multi-language contexts.

Job description: The selected candidate will be involved all the different aspects of the MEG experimental activities. Experiment planning, participants selection, stimuli preparation, data collection, data analysis and preparation of scientific reports. This will take place in the MEG lab at the BCBL and under the supervision of the PIs of the project. All these activities will be coordinated with the U.S. researchers, to pursue state-of-the art analysis of the MEG data in response to natural speech stimuli.

PI and research group: Nicola Molinaro, Brain Rhythms and Cognition group



Required skills: 

  • Knowledge of the relevant literature
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize relevant theoretical questions, and design appropriate experimental tests of these questions
  • Solid relevant statistical ability
  • Strong written and spoken English
  • Previous experience with neuroimaging methods (EEG, fMRI, MEG)
  • Programming skills (e.g., Python, Matlab, R, and/or ability to program experiments)

Desirable skills: 

  • Knowledge of Spanish and/or Basque (or a willingness to learn some) is a plus



Salary: Gross salary € 28.000 - € 30.000 

Entitlements and other benefits:

Training opportunities and Career development plan: 

Researchers at any stage of their career, regardless of their contractual situation, are given an opportunity for professional development and for improving their employability through access to a Personal Career Development Plan which includes

(1) Training through individually personalized research projects under senior supervision

(2) Exchanging knowledge with the scientific community and the general public

(3) Network-wide training in theory and methods

(4) Complementary training courses

(5) Involvement in proposal writing, task coordination

(6) Development of skills for the organization of training and scientific events

BCBL seeks to foster an environment where all talents can flourish, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, nationality or impairments. If you have any questions relating to accessibility or support contact us.



Language policy

  • The corporative language at the Center is English but the national language will be an asset for this particular position
  • The center provides initial level Spanish and Basque lessons to all the international staff members
  • The interview will be conducted entirely in English



Submission of the application and documentation:

To submit your application, please follow this link:  applying for “Postdoc_NEUROSPEECH_2023” and attach the following documentation:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • A statement outlining research interests and motivation to apply for the position
  • Two letters of recommendation

Application process timetable:

  1. Deadline for application: 30/01/2023
  2. Evaluation by committee: 01/02/2023-15/02/2023
  3. Interviews: 15/02/2023-20/02/2023
  4. Final decision: 20/02/2023
  5. Feedback to all applicants: 20/02/2023-22/02/2023
  6. Work contract start date: as soon as possible

Contact details for enquiries:

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