Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Lesion-Symptom Mapping: A one day online workshop organized by C-STAR

The Center for the Study of Aphasia Recovery (C-STAR; is organizing a one day online workshop on Lesion-Symptom-Mapping methods, Thursday January 25th, between 10am and 4pm Eastern Daylight Time (US East coast). Please join us online that day, for an exciting line-up of speakers!

This focus of this workshop will be on the pressing issues in the methods of Lesion Symptom Mapping, rather than on new neurocognitive findings. To make this workshop as interactive as possible, invited speakers will present for up to 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes for question time and discussion. Topics that we expect to be addressed are:

  • Regressing out overall lesion volume from analyses.
    • Overall lesion volume accounts for a large proportion of the variance in many behavioral measures. What is the most efficient and statistically appropriate way to take it into account, allowing us to still identify localized or network-based predictors of behavior?
  • Correction for multiple comparisons.
    • How do we determine the sweet spot between conservative correction methods and the avoidance of Type II errors?
  • Combination of different imaging modalities in analyses.
    • Many groups are now collecting multiple data types within patients, such as lesion, perfusion, fMRI, and connectivity data, yielding partly overlapping and partly complementary information on relations between brain damage and behavior. Should we evaluate these modalities simultaneously, and how can this be achieved?

For questions and/or to be kept in the loop, please contact Dirk den Ouden ( We will advertise the full program as well as the URL for joining the workshop in early January.

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