Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open call for abstracts for Special Issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology: Conceptual Knowledge Representation

This is an open call for original research, reviews, and commentaries associated with representations of
conceptual knowledge in the mind and brain.

For the purposes of this Special Issue, conceptual knowledge refers to the knowledge by which we
understand, make inferences, and produce statements about objects, actions, events, settings, human
social roles and interactions, and their states or properties.

Target topics include:

1. Neural theories of conceptual knowledge representation, e.g. how are individual brain systems
and networks of systems involved in the representation of specific types, aspects, or features of
conceptual knowledge?

2. Cognitive theories of conceptual knowledge representation, e.g. what representational
schemes are supported by the data?

3. Individual differences in conceptual knowledge representation, e.g. which aspects of the
cognitive or neural representational schemes are common or variable across individuals, and
which aspects are stable or variable over time?

4. Context and compositionality in conceptual knowledge representation, e.g. how does the
cognitive or neural representation of a concept vary as a function of its semantic context or
combination with other concepts?

5. Resolving converging and/or diverging evidence from different domains, e.g. how can evidence
from different domains – various neural recording methods, cognitive psychology,
neuropsychological case study, computational modeling, and formal semantics – be integrated
with one another?

Abstracts of one page or less describing your proposed manuscript should be submitted by October, 15,
2014. Acceptances to submit full manuscripts will be sent by November 1, 2014, and the submission
deadline for the full manuscript will be May, 1, 2015. Publication of this special issue is planned for Fall,
2015, and articles will appear online as they become available.

Initial abstracts should be sent by email to specialissue at jhuapl dot edu

Guest Editors:
Timothy Rogers, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Michael Wolmetz, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

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