Monday, May 19, 2014

All time best historical models of language and brain

If you were going to put together a highlight reel of the best, most influential models of language and brain, what would they be?  You gotta start with the single-node model of Broca, then Wernicke's two-node, dual stream "connectionist" model.  But what then?  Lichtheim I suppose (although I think he ended up doing more harm than good despite his good intentions).  Any Freud fans?  Not very influential, though.  Geschwind for sure.  Anything in between?


chickenncookies said...

Funny. Just spent some time looking up references that highlight the asymmetric nature of language production/perception. So I'd have to include Wada's test and Gazzaniga's split brain work too, no?

Greg Hickok said...

yes, good important work, but i was thinking more along the lines of models of some process. wada and split brain stuff is more of a discovery of fact than a theoretical model. it would be fun to think about the all time big discovery too though.

Jon Rawski said...

I'd have to say Smolensky and Legndre's model was really important. It focused more on particular aspects of language modeling rather than a complete cognitive picture, but it certainly shifted perception of processes.