Friday, March 22, 2013

RTs: One-voxel neuroimaging?

Yes! says Brad Buchsbaum in an entertaining and thought provoking post on his flowbrain blog.  Check out the post here.

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VilemKodytek said...

Yeah, a well written and amusing blog. I'v read the last but one on Coltheart, too. Now seriously, psychology is not just RT, it’s also rather sophisticated theories, including those by Coltheart and coworkers, Levelt, Rayner etc. etc. Though they say very little to nothing about the localization of processes in the brain, some of them make rather detailed predictions about the course of the processes. Finally, Coltheart’s view is no longer that strong – see Tressoldi et al. (2012}: Using functional neuroimaging to test theories of cognition. Cortex 48, 1247–50.