Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Journal Scan -- June 2010

A few interesting articles --

Inferior Frontal Gyrus Activation Predicts Individual Differences in Perceptual Learning of Cochlear-Implant Simulations
Frank Eisner, Carolyn McGettigan, Andrew Faulkner, Stuart Rosen, and Sophie K. Scott
J. Neurosci. 2010;30 7179-7186

Drivers and modulators in the central auditory pathways
Charles C. Lee and S. M. Sherman
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

Mechanisms of song perception in oscine birds
Daniel P. Knudsen, Timothy Q. Gentner
Brain and Language

Direct Recordings of Pitch Responses from Human Auditory Cortex
Timothy D. Griffiths, Sukhbinder Kumar, William Sedley, Kirill V. Nourski, Hiroto Kawasaki, Hiroyuki Oya, Roy D. Patterson, John F. Brugge, Matthew A. Howard
Current Biology

Cortical Spatio-temporal Dynamics Underlying Phonological Target Detection in Humans
Edward F. Chang, Erik Edwards, Srikantan S. Nagarajan, Noa Fogelson, Sarang S. Dalal, Ryan T. Canolty, Heidi E. Kirsch, Nicholas M. Barbaro, Robert T. Knight
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

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